„Slamdance pleaser“ – review no.2

Review No.2... „BEAT BEAT HEART A Slamdance Pleaser“
Noch eine richtig, richtig schöne Filmkritik aus den U.S.A.
Inkl. wunderschöner Worte zu Lana CooperSaskia Vester u.v.m.
Achtung SPOILER: nur den ganzen Artikel lesen, wenn ihr den Film schon kennt! Sonst zum Ende scrollen, da wird noch nicht so viel verraten.

Kommt zu unserem NÄCHSTEN SCREENING: Dienstag – 24.01.2017 – 15:45 Uhr – Ballroom, Park City

Beat Beat Heart” is an unusual love story focusing upon the heart and dreams of three different women. It’s engaging story filmed with gorgeous style draws you closer to the characters as you relate to them all in some way. Finding humor within our lives is the reality of this film while affirming .)our own life’s choices and the consequences.“ (Pamela Powell)


Slamdance Premiere & erste Review aus Amerika!

Nach einer GROßARTIGEN internationalen premiere auf dem Slamdance Film Festival, gibt es bereits erste Reviews über unseren Film BEAT BEAT HEART..

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Slamdance Film Review: Beat Beat Heart

Slamdance Termine & Kommentar

Zum Jahresbeginn gleich gute Nachrichten und ein schönes Zitat: Das Programm für das Slamdance Film Festival ist raus und Karten für BEAT BEAT HEART gibt es ab jetzt online (hier: http://showcase.slamdance.com/Beat-Beat-Heart-Nonna)

Aus der Programmankündigung:
Lana Cooper, the cutest girl’s girl actress ever, deftly portrays a quirky-loner-dreamer coping with heartbreak following the loss of a perceived twin flame, all while surrounded by a claustrophobic circle of small town friends. This beautiful movie POVs her lonely bubble while the relationships in her small circle play out, including a dating app addicted roommate, a sexy mom with her own romantic coming of age saga, and a perfect couple whose relationship ultimately can’t be held to the fire. As she holds onto faith with childlike freedom in a world of unrealized magic, I’m on her side the whole way through. I wait and hope in a meditative pause, staring up at the sky for a stark blue answer to rain down, laying with her on the deliciously dangerous train tracks. Yearning to get out of the city yet living in beautiful open land, discovering a familiar set of problems: no matter where you go, there you are. All of us with creative and loving hearts that go on beating and beating, sometimes, in spite of themselves.
– Delila Vallot, Programmer“

Danke für diese schönen Worte!