BEAT BEAT HEART in the ZEIT magazine | Article

An article from the Zeit magazine about the German cinema (and the Filmfest Munich):

“… the most interesting movies in the section New German Cinema were made by women. Even the German Mumblecore movement – which has been, so far, dominated by men and is characterized by small budgets and improvised dialogues – has now found a new, female representative with Luise Brinkmann. Her film about love BEAT BEAT HEART elicts the charm of the unspent from its small resources, just as we know it from directors from the linkes Axel Ranisch (Alki Alki) or Jakob Lass (Love Steaks).” ( – translated from the German)

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Natürlich ist die Frage gemein, aber tatsächlich werden in Deutschland derzeit die besten Filme gedreht. Leider bleiben oft die Zuschauer aus. Warum nur?


At the NEW GERMAN CINEMA NEW TALENT on July 1st 2016, the jury (Dietrich Brüggemann, Johann von Bülow and Nicole Gerhards) honored BEAT BEAT HEART and director Luise Brinkmann with a ‘Special Award for Ensemble Spirit and Energy’. We are very happy about this additional award and the amazing feedback:

BEAT BEAT HEART is an improvised summer comedy about love and desire: a daughter who believes in true love is actively awaiting the return of her great love, when suddenly her freshly-separated mother moves in with her. Mom is heading towards a midlife crisis and dives into wild adventures with the offers made by some charmingly portrayed internet portals. Small budget but exuberant energy and a really remarkable fleet-footed direction by a director from whom we will be seeing many more – in the best sense – entertaining movies in the future for sure, as well as a great cast that has deserved the enthusiastic audience, that we were able to see at the premiere.” (Jury’s statement New German Cinema New Talent Award – translated from the German)

Whore, saint or what else?

Director Luise Brinkmann talks about her work as a director and her Film BEAT BEAT HEART. Click here to read the article (in German) by Anna Steinbauer for the Süddeutsche:

The female gaze is still a underrepresented way of storytelling. Unfortunately.
This article speaks about BEAT BEAT HEART and director Luise Brinkmann, about Pro Quote Regie and the sad fact, that there are still more male than female directors.

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Cinema – Whore, saint or what else? (-translated from the German)
The view on women has changed. In today’s society, half of the ‘Directing’-students are female. Nonetheless, a survey by the HFF shows that for every nine male directors in a television feature production there is just one female director…