BEAT BEAT HEART cinematic release!

>> April 27th 2017 <<< Save this date, folks! BEAT BEAT HEART is going to be released in cinemas this spring! Daredo / Darling Berlin is bringing it to cinemas in Germany – which ones and which cities will be announced soon!

Believing in true love with all her heart, Kerstin (Lana Cooper)has been actively waiting for her ex (Till Wonka) to come back for months now. She has made herself comfortable with sickly sweet daydreaming, when suddenly her mother, Charlotte (Saskia Vester), rings at her door, needing a place to stay. For mom has accidentally broken up with her common-law spouse and does not know where else to go now. Both women handle their yearning completely differently, when Kerstin‛s housemate (Christin Nichols) convinces Charlotte to start dating men, via app. So, mom brings different men to the house, while Kerstin‛s daydreams are consistently interrupted by the reality that love has become a hopeless place for modern age dreamers.

Effektiv und mit Herzblut dreht eine neue Generation von Regisseuren und Schauspielern komisches und dramatisches Kino von unten. Berührend, authentisch, ohne Konventionen, ohne…

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