presskit: presskit BEAT BEAT HEART (version November 2016 – German) (english version on request)
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Press comments 

“Beat Beat Heart – this heart beats loud and impetuous.” (WDR)

“Lovesickness with summer vacation feeling – it takes quite a bit to do it this way.” (Cinesoundz)

“… the most interesting movies in the section New German Cinema were made by women. But now even the German Mumblecore movement – which has been, so far, dominated by men and is characterized by small budgets and improvised dialogues – has now with Luise Brinkmann a new, female representative. Her love film BEAT BEAT HEART elicits the charm of the unspent from its small resources, just as we know it from directors from the likes of Axel Ranisch (Alki Alki) or Jakob Lass (Love Steaks).” (

“This award-winning debut is a perfect example of the young German cinema: smart, relaxed, spontaneous. With a casual camera and editing concept, improvised dialogues and overlapping conversations, Luise Brinkmann creates a little miracle and finally leaves behind all this stilted pretension and dusty pathos, replacing them with real feelings and those realistic dialogues that we know from the early Dresen movies.” (Film Festival Cologne)

“Maja, played by Christin Nichols, may be a minor role, but not a minor matter: she indicates the breach with a very old convention in story-telling. She revolts against the fact that women on screen have to be passive beings, only exposed to a male’s view. She makes visible that female story-telling is still unfortunately a niche point-of-view.” (Süddeutsche)

“With [Lana] Cooper in the centre, this film about mixed emotions during unclear stages of relationship becomes an exorbitant study of loving souls within a period of change. A wonderful tender and warm-hearted movie, that only received a mention from the jury.” (Tip Berlin)

“A feel-good comedy about the confusions in modern relationships. […] Narrow-minded is over!” (WDR)

“So, lovesickness can be romantic, too,” (WDR)

“[…] a debut that makes appetite for more.” (WDR)